Thursday, 2 February 2017

JP Signature Cuts Diamonds: Photoshoot

Hello Guys! Let's extend the celebration of the Rooster year with this stunning shots I did this week. 
Photography has always been one of my hobby that I enjoy during my spare time. These are some photos I did on JannPaul's Signature cuts.

The Cushion Brellia (World's first Cushion Hearts & Arrows diamond) sitting on a leaf. This was taken just after a light rain shower. You can still see some remaining rain droplets on the leaf. It highlights the beauty of mother nature; the seosonal cycles and natural formation of the diamond.

This an Octagon Cut Hearts & Arrows diamond standing on top of our internet router, showing you its modern edge and distinct 8 arrows. 

The Solasfera (10 Hearts & Arrows) on a tightly knitted cloth. Notice the strong reflection of the Solasfera at the bottom of the cloth? The Solasfera has 91 facets and extreme scintillaion. It was very difficult to get this shot without the colorful glares from the diamond.

Here's a natural shot of the Super Ideal Cut diamond on a peice of skin wood. I picked this up under the tree on the way to work and thought it would make a nice background with its beutiful texture.

Thank You for checking in this post and I will get back to you on my next diamond photoshoot.
PS:  If you want to have this kind of photos, you can request or email us in JannPaul :)
Just look for me (Sam), and I'll be more than happy to take these photos for you.

- Samuel Belandres